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“Parameters are bounded to define a particular system from which a quantity is selected according to specific circumstances and in relation to which other variables might be expressed. Values point to the fact that something is held to deserve, the importance or worth of something for someone. Both parameters and values are relative but, while a parameter is relative to an established system, a value is relative to individuals.”

Eduardo Rico and Enriqueta Llabres. in Parameters, Values and Tacit Forms of Algorithms. AD Parametricism 2.0

Relational Urbanism is based on the principle that the value of the space at a specific time is relational; meaning that different groups, domains or species will value the space differently.  Departing from this premise, a relational construction of space time and value implies a tension, a negotiation between these different domains. Accepting, working and dealing with this tension, this negotiation is the core of Relational Urbanism agenda.

Relational Urbanism is a London based experimental practice founded by Enriqueta Llabres and Eduardo Rico in 2009. The practice focuses on the development of design methods applied to the built environment bridging across the different disciplinary niches from manufacturing, computation, ICT technologies, landscape architecture, architecture, planning, civil engineering, social sciences and ecology. It focuses on identifying main questions relating social, environmental and development challenges related to the built environment that need a holistic response. Relational Urbanism has over 10 years of experience in the design and delivery of projects across various scales as well as maintaining a strong commitment to research and innovation. Bridging cutting edge technology for digital design and client interaction with the team as well as contemporary ideas of sustainability. The work produced by Relational Urbanism has been published and exhibited worldwide.